Best Ways To Learn To Play The Piano

Best Ways To Learn To Play The Piano

15 Jul 2021

So, you’ve decided you want to learn to play the piano. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards becoming the next Beethoven. Of course, it’s not quite as simple as opening up a songbook, sitting in front of the keys and playing a series of notes. To ensure you get your musical journey off to the right start, here are my five top tips for beginners learning to play:

Be Patient

It’s incredibly easy to want to be able to jump straight into being able to play a complex song right away and get frustrated when you can’t.

Tempting as it is, you really can’t afford to miss out on those first few steps. They really are crucial in ensuring you can handle those more difficult songs in the future. 

It might seem slightly dull at first but start with learning simple songs and master the basic techniques and gradually build on your ability over time. It will pay off. I guarantee your future piano playing self will thank you for it. 

Accuracy Comes First

Don’t expect to be playing super-fast songs immediately. Instead, try to nail accuracy first by taking things slow. Once you’ve conquered all the right notes, then you can work on building up your speed. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with most hobbies, practice makes perfect when it comes to learning to play the piano. Ultimately, if you don’t invest your time in learning to play, then you won’t get anywhere. 

Schedule regular practice sessions and stick to them. Make sure you allocate time in your diary to suit you and your character. For example, if you know longer sessions don’t suit you, then why not diarise a few shorter practice slots instead.

A top tip from me is to practice the music you enjoy. Find a genre that you enjoy playing, and practising will seem so much more appealing. 

Set Yourself Goals And Celebrate Achievements

The best way to keep improving is to set yourself realistic goals for you to work towards. Not only is it important to have something to aim for, but when you do achieve these goals, celebrate them. Acknowledge your accomplishments, be proud of yourself and give yourself the virtual pat on the back you deserve.

Find A Good Teacher

Of course, the most important step towards playing the piano is finding a teacher. You might feel you can learn a lot on your own or from the internet but trust me, neither of those options will provide you with the vital support you need. Let’s be honest; everything's better with someone by your side helping you. 

A piano teacher is guaranteed to make your piano learning experience so much easier and efficient. Not only will a teacher help you do things right, but they will advise when you are making mistakes too. Fundamentally, it’s always better to learn things right from the start, thanks to a teacher, rather than having to correct any bad habits you might have picked up by teaching yourself.

If you’re considering learning the piano, then contact me, Annette Beaumont Ellis. I’m an experienced teacher, offering bespoke piano lessons to all ages, in Chelsea, London. Get in touch to find out how I can help beginners, just like you, realise their dreams of learning the piano.