Piano Lessons in Westminster

For residents of Westminster, here is an exciting opportunity to discover and build upon your piano skills. Regardless of your age, background, and level of ambition, I am ready to offer my experience in unlocking your musical potential behind a piano. Why should you decide to study this interesting string instrument with me, you ask? 

Discover Your True Potential

With the help of the piano teaching methods from the greats such as Dame Fanny Waterman, you would be provided with lessons that have proven effective for a number of years. My unique addition to these teaching techniques would have you playing tunes like an experienced pianist sooner than you thought. Your inner Bach and Mozart cannot want to be explored.

Committed And Passionate Teaching

With over 30 years of experience, I am not only passionate about this beautiful musical instrument, but I am also eager to share my knowledge with others. Coupled with my passion for teaching, I create a comfortable environment for all my students to learn how to play the piano at their own pace. So, whether you would learn best through reading sheet music or by mastering chords, you are guaranteed to leave your lessons with new knowledge and an unlocked skill. A passionate teacher incites enthusiasm and appreciation in her students, and that is precisely what you will experience during our lessons.

Fall In Love And Get A Greater Sense Of Reward From The Piano

Being able just to play chords is not enough to fully appreciate the piano. Components such as posture and technique are equally important. However, this can be quite frustrating to adapt to and might easily throw you off your quest to play the piano. This is why, in my lessons, I strive to help you enjoy the piano while teaching you the right techniques and postures from the beginning. From my years as an adjudicator, I will help you overcome the challenges you face with your posture and technique, allowing you to play confidently on your own. 

Develop Additional Skills 

Learning to play the piano goes beyond being able to play chords or read music. The instrument gives just as much as it receives. The more time you spend practising and learning, the more practical skills you would develop. An example is your hand-eye coordination skills- which is a vital skill to possess. It also boosts your confidence and improves cognitive functions. As my studio is open to students of all ages, all can be a part of this beautiful process of acquiring more skills from their piano lessons.

Enquire About And Be A Part Of My Piano Lessons 

It is always a joy to see my students achieve great things whether it is seeing them play at a high school recital, studying music in university, playing a score for a play, or participating in local competitions. You can also develop your piano skills to achieve your musical goals. Simply get in touch by contacting me through my accessible channels if you are in Westminster.