Can You Learn To Play The Piano In A Year?

11 Nov 2021

Learning to play the piano is a dream for many people. It's also often seen as an unrealistic goal. Many believe it takes too long to learn, but this isn't necessarily true. You can easily learn how to play the piano in just one year if you seek the proper guidance and are willing to put in the work. 

The Benefits of Learning Piano

Music is repeatedly cited as an effective form of therapy to help us de-stress and feel happier. Learning to play music also has other benefits such as improved memory, cognitive abilities and motor skills.

And, it's also an excellent outlet for creativity. Just imagine being able to make music with, or for, friends or family.

Yet, learning to play the piano can be challenging and a little frustrating without the expertise of a piano tutor. 

When a student learns to play the piano, the brain and body build up muscle memory and pattern recognition. 

Both of these processes are essential for musicianship. They make it possible for your fingers to move without conscious effort on your part. 

Developing these skills allows you to focus on other aspects of playing, such as interpretation and expression.

Alternative Options and Drawbacks

Nowadays there are plenty of opportunities to learn to play the piano. There are YouTube videos and instructional books that people can use. The benefit of this is that they are often cheap to buy or even free. There's also a tremendous amount of information allowing would-be students to start wherever they choose. And while this availability is appealing, it also comes with some significant drawbacks. 

It can take much longer than piano lessons as no one can provide valuable, constructive feedback or teach techniques as you play. Also, this way of learning means pupils spend more time figuring out things independently. As a result, they spend less time practising due to this lack of guidance.

One-To-One Expert Guidance

But selecting a professional piano tutor, such as myself, can add more value and pleasure to the learning process. As well as the ability to give instant feedback on technique, rhythm, timing, even posture, I will be able to provide answers to questions you may have. Together we will be able to set your goals with the proper context of your ability. This guidance means that you can push yourself without getting demotivated. 

Learning one-to-one with a piano teacher will ensure that you are less likely to get distracted. It also provides accountability that will bolster your commitment. This means the time you spend learning and playing is dedicated and focused on learning, allowing progression at a much faster rate.

Book Your First Lesson

If you are interested in learning to play or your child learning to play, I will be delighted to help. I am a piano teacher with over 30 years of experience in music education and have taught in England and Toronto, Canada. 

If you are brand new to the piano or coming back after a long break, please get in contact. My piano lessons are designed to each individual's needs and are a fast-track way to teach you to play the piano in a year. I offer Classical Piano Lessons as well as Jazz Piano Lessons which can help you advance your piano skills.