How Can I Get Better at Playing the Piano?

How Can I Get Better at Playing the Piano?

15 Sep 2021

The one thing that most piano players have in common, whether they’re a total beginner or have been playing for years, they’re always looking for ways to improve. Even if you play for fun, you can’t help but want to get better, when it comes to mastering the piano. Better still, the better you get, the easier you’ll start to find playing. As a piano teacher, I want to share my top five tips on how you can get better from home. 

Practice, practice, practice

It’s no secret that practice is the key to successfully improving piano playing. I’ve mentioned it before, but practising piano is vital, plus planning in sessions and keeping to your schedule, is equally important. Consistently keeping on top of practising will help you develop and successfully achieve the results you’re after.

Better still, set yourself goals and work towards them. 

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When practising, don’t be afraid to develop the difficulty of the pieces you’re playing. While I’m not saying be unrealistic by throwing yourself right in at the deep end, I ask you to test yourself. After all, one of the best ways to get better is by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Take things one step further by entering competitions or trying to achieve grades by taking exams. It’s important to remember that coming first place or successfully getting the grades isn’t everything. Take little wins out of these experiences and be proud of yourself for simply stepping up and challenging yourself. 

Record Yourself

Sometimes, when you’re playing, it’s easy to not pick up on the mistakes you’re making, whether it’s a misplayed cord or the odd wrong note. Why not record yourself playing and listen back, so you can identify where there’s room for improvement? Plus, recording yourself will allow you to go back and listen to specific segments over and over, so you can successfully work on trouble spots.

Be Kind To Yourself

Look, playing the piano is difficult, and mastering it is a real talent. Keeping yourself motivated can be one of the real challenges, so give yourself praise when it’s due and give yourself regular pats on the back. Whether you’ve finally nailed that song you’ve been practising or managing to play your first tune using both hands – whatever it is, celebrate your achievements. If you do this, your enthusiasm and motivation will be reflected in your desire to get better. 

Switch To The Right Teacher

Whether you’re a beginner or years into playing, finding a teacher that suits you is vital. Even the most advanced pianists might find that their lessons are getting a little flat, so don’t be afraid to make the switch. If you’re not developing with your current teacher, then speak to them about it, explain your goals and see if you can work together to achieve them. If it’s simply not working, don’t be scared to make the move.

If you live in Chelsea, London, and are looking for a piano teacher then get in touch with me. I offer bespoke lessons to both children and adults, from beginners to those who already play. Contact me, and we can discuss how I can help realise your or your child’s potential.