How to Choose a Piano Teacher

How to Choose a Piano Teacher

30 Jun 2021

Is your child the next Mozart? Chopin? Do you find him/her tickling the white ivories when you’re not around? 
If so, perhaps it’s time to arrange for piano lessons to see if there’s some real talent behind those eager little fingers. 
But piano lessons aren’t just for the youth. Adults can also learn to play or brush up on their skill set. 

Learning to play the piano can be for anyone, young, old, or in between and who is hoping to master this wonderful instrument. Maybe your lifelong goal has been to become a master pianist and play at the many great music halls around the globe. Anything is possible with effort and a caring, patient, and experienced piano teacher.

But how do you find the best piano teacher to reach these goals, and what should you look for? 
Here are a few ideas to get you on the right road to honing your skills or to introduce your child to the joys of playing the piano. 

Where to Start When Searching For a Piano Teacher

Choosing a teacher is one of the most important things when thinking about pursuing a music career or taking it up as a hobby. First, know what you’re looking for in a teacher before you even begin. If you or your child is only a beginner and needs first-time lessons, this might differ from an instructor who caters to more advanced students. Be sure you know what it is you’re trying to accomplish with future lessons for yourself or your child.

Don’t be afraid to ask things like: 
• What do I want my child to accomplish by taking lessons? 
• What teacher qualifications are important for learning music? 

Ask Around 

Ask other parents of students currently taking piano lessons. Talk to friends, coworkers, associates, colleagues, and see if they will give you recommendations about their experiences. Go to local music stores and schools and see if they might have a list of knowledgeable teachers. 


Once you’ve found a potential teacher, ask to see them perform. Go to a recital or two and watch how the teacher and student interact. Does the teacher encourage the student, or are they looking at their phone in the corner of the venue?

Start Interviewing Potential Piano Teachers 

Interviewing potential teachers will help you see if the person is a good fit for you/your child. Try to do this in person and visit where the lessons will take place. Whilst interviewing, ask about their teaching philosophy, their career and accomplishments, qualifications, expectations, and methods. 

Consider Asking: 
• Experience in teaching? 
Credentials and educational background
• Affiliated with any professional organizations? Certifications? 
• How much practice do you expect from your students? 
• Charges for lessons? 
• Length of the lesson, when and where?

Keep Searching 

Arrange for a trial lesson to see if you like each other at first. Or, if you begin lessons and aren’t happy, don’t settle. A professional instructor will understand and respect your decision. If you don’t find the right piano teacher immediately, continue searching. 

While a teacher may be the best, most qualified, and highly reputable professional teacher on the planet, if you or your child doesn’t like the instructor it’s not going to work. However, on the flip side, if all parties feel comfortable, this could be the start of an incredibly beautiful musical relationship for years to come.

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