How To Find A Good Piano Teacher

3 Aug 2021

If you’re reading this blog, then the likelihood is, you’re trying to find yourself, or your child, a good, experienced piano teacher. Before you start, it’s important that you consider why you’re looking for a piano teacher and at what level you or your child can already play. Is the student a total beginner? Perhaps they want to re-learn an old hobby? Is the goal to find a musical instrument that your child simply enjoys and just plays for fun? Or have you something a little more ambitious in mind? After all, some parents consider learning a musical instrument just as important as other subjects like maths or science. Others are hoping to see their child playing in concert one day. Knowing what you or your child wants to get out of the piano lessons is the first step towards finding a good teacher. 

Bespoke To You

With this in mind, my first tip towards finding a good piano teacher would be to ensure their lessons will be each bespoke to you. Remember, no two students will ever be the same, so why should their lessons be? I teach diverse students of all capabilities, both adults and children, including those from private and public schools. While all of my lessons are built around developing techniques and exploring music, I take pride in getting to know everyone I teach before applying a teaching method to suit them. 

Somebody Who Believes In The Arts

Music is more than just a few notes and keys. At the heart of learning to play an instrument is creativity and emotion.

The most important thing to look for when looking to find a good piano teacher is if they are passionate about what they do. A piano teacher, without a doubt, needs to be able to demonstrate their enthusiasm for music. 

Ultimately, you, or your child, will be spending regular time with them, learning from them and listening to them. Your teacher needs to believe in the instrument they are teaching. They can inject that passion, creativity, and curiosity into their students.  

Encouragement, Enjoyment and Ambition 

A good piano teacher needs to be able to find a balance of encouragement, enjoyment and ambition. If the right teacher is teaching them, students should feel motivated to want to learn. The right piano teacher will encourage their students to enjoy the music, regardless of the level they are at. 

I strive to support my students in developing their talent, alongside enjoying learning how to play.  

It’s All About Experience

Let’s be honest; experience is crucial when it comes to finding a good piano teacher. After all, there’s more to playing the piano than simply piecing together the keys to make a song. 

Every ounce of experience has played a key role in my personal learning journey, helping me understand individual students and make sure they get the best out of each lesson. With more than 30 years of experience teaching, having worked for many years in Toronto, Canada, the most ethnically diverse city in the world, I know first-hand that having these years behind me is completely priceless.

Above everything else, you want a teacher who will respect, challenge, and inspire you or your child’s love for playing the piano. If you’re looking to kickstart your piano learning journey or pick up where you left off, then contact me. I am a piano adjudicator & I teach piano lessons in Chelsea, London, tailored to each individual to help realise their true potential.