Is it difficult for adults to learn the piano?

Is it difficult for adults to learn the piano?

30 Jun 2021

Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Are you concerned that it’s too late to take lessons?

The good news is that it’s never too late. In some ways, it’s even easier to understand the basics of playing the piano as an adult. However, there are also unique challenges you may face as an older student. Read on to learn more about the obstacles that come with adult piano lessons, as well as the benefits of learning to play now rather than in your youth.

Benefits of Learning the Piano as an Adult

Adults can absolutely learn to play the piano. They may even have a leg up over younger students, especially in the following areas:

Better Concentration

Adults, generally speaking, have longer attention spans and find it easier to concentrate compared to children. This works in their favour, especially when it comes to listening to instructions and implementing feedback.

More Motivation

Adult piano students are often more motivated to practice and more likely to take their lessons seriously, too. In most cases, they’re the ones paying for their education. This automatically increases motivation for a lot of people. Furthermore, adults who are signing up for piano lessons have a true desire to learn. They’re not taking lessons just because their parents want them to.

Better Emotional Development

Adults are more emotionally developed and patient than children, too. They may get frustrated at times when learning a difficult piece. However, they’re less likely to get so upset that they give up altogether.

Common Obstacles for Adult Piano Students

Of course, adult piano students do face some challenges that younger students typically don’t. Here are a few potential obstacles you might have to overcome:

Less Time to Practice

Adults are often more motivated to show up to piano lessons, and they typically want to play as well as possible. At the same time, though, they’re also busy. Between work and caring for their families, many adult piano students find it hard to make time to practice when they first start taking lessons.  

More Self-Criticism

Often, adults have a more developed ear than children. Because of this, it’s easier for them to hear when they’ve made a mistake, and they may be overly critical of themselves as a result. It can take time to get over this issue. However, an experienced instructor will be able to put things in perspective, give honest feedback, and help you overcome it.  

Over-Developed Hand Muscles

Adults have more developed hand muscles than children, too. This may make it harder for them to keep their hands relaxed and tension-free while playing the piano. Excessive tension can impact your agility and ability to play freely, so you may have to do extra relaxation exercises and stretches to make up for it.

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You might experience some challenges when you first start taking piano lessons as an adult. With the right attitude, plenty of practice, and a qualified instructor by your side, though, there’s no reason why you can’t master the piano and become a great pianist.

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