Why Play the Piano?

Why Play the Piano?

1 Aug 2022

The piano is one of the most iconic and well-known musical instruments. With their signature sound, pianos are a staple of virtually every genre of music. Even if you don't play the piano yourself, you likely know someone who does. If you don't play an instrument but want to learn one, the piano is a fantastic choice. Here are several reasons why you should play the piano.

Playing the Piano Relieves Stress

When you sit down and start playing the piano, it gives your brain a moment to refresh and relax. Playing an instrument as complex as a piano requires concentration and coordination. Focusing on the piano allows you to forget what's troubling you and focus entirely on making music. 

A Sense of Discipline

Learning something new such as an instrument requires focus and dedication. As you start to learn how to play the piano, this allows you to develop your sense of focus and dedication. This work ethic can benefit all other aspects of one's life. 

Bring Out Your Creative Side

Playing the piano gives you a chance to express yourself emotionally through music. If you're having a rough day and need to relax, you can play soothing tunes. If you need to get excited about a big event, there is nothing better than playing a lively repertoire. You can use the piano to compose new musical creations that reflect your mood and creativity. 

Entertain Your Friends

Playing the piano doesn’t just benefit you; it enriches those around you. Most people enjoy music, be it little kids or adults. You can liven up any social event and impress others with your musical talent. Many city parks now have pianos in public that you can play, and nothing gets the admiration of others like someone who can tickle the ivories in public. Playing the piano for others can even improve your self-confidence. By getting used to performing in front of others, you can use these experiences in other aspects of your life. 

Gain a Greater Appreciation of Music

Playing the piano, whether it's someone else's music or your compositions, gives the player an appreciation of what goes into music creation. It's easy to take music on the radio for granted, but becoming a musician gives one a great deal of appreciation for the creative process.   >

It’s Easier to Learn than You Think

If you’re on the fence about learning to play the piano, don’t fret. You’re far from the first person to take beginner piano lessons in London. Compared to other instruments, some might even say it's easy. It might seem scary, but with the right instructor and a bit of perseverance, anyone can play the piano! 

As you can see, playing the piano is not just fun. There are many other reasons why to play the piano. If you’re looking for piano lessons in Chelsea, I can help. Contact me today at +44 (0)20 7581 2376. Together, you can achieve your true musical potential.